For your child, losing baby teeth is a normal part of growing up. And as a parent, the best you can do is make sure they are prepared for these natural parts of childhood. So, whether your child just lost their first tooth, or they had a tooth get knocked out roughhousing, Dr. Sinchai has some helpful answers.

My child’s lost their baby tooth – now what?

  1. Encourage your child not to pull on their loose teeth. Instead, encourage them to gently wiggle them with clean hands.
  2. If your child’s gums bleed, suggest that they swish gently with cold water. If the bleeding continues, have them bite down on some tissue or gauze. Normal bleeding should stop within the hour.
  3. The area may be sensitive shortly after losing a baby tooth. Advise your child not to brush their gums. If needed, a topical anesthetic may be applied to the area or over-the-counter pain medication may be taken.
  4. Remind your child to put their newly lost tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy!

Is it okay to pull a child’s loose tooth?

Although your child may want you to pull out their loose tooth, it’s best to let it fall out without force. Trying to pull your toddler’s tooth before it’s ready can result in unnecessary pain.

Once the loose baby tooth is ready to come out, wiggling it back and forth should do the trick. If you have to pull quite a bit, it’s not ready.

What do you do when a child loses a permanent tooth?

Permanent teeth are supposed to be permanent but that doesn’t mean they won’t fall out. If your child has knocked out a permanent tooth follow these steps:

  1. Stay calm – your child will feed off of your response.
  2. Pick the tooth up by its crown and not the roots.
  3. If possible, place the tooth back in place and hold it there with a warm washcloth on the way to the dentist.
  4. If the tooth is unable to fit back into the socket, place it in a cup of milk.
  5. Get to the dentist as soon as possible.

What to Do if a Tooth Falls Out

Watching your child hit milestones like their first lost tooth can be bittersweet, and it’s one your child will expect you to guide them through. To help them feel confident, remind them that this is a natural part of growing up and help them get excited about each lost tooth!

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