Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Dental Care

As a parent, you might have a lot of questions about your newborn’s oral care. Or you might be wondering when kids first dental appointment should be. If you have these questions, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, Dr. Sinchai will help answer all of your questions about your baby’s dental care.

When do babies get their first tooth?

Babies generally start teething around 6 months of age, but it can start as early as 4 months or as late as 7. The first teeth to grow in are usually ones on the bottom front. If your child is teething, you can help them feel more comfortable by massaging their gums, giving them something cold to suck on like a cold teething ring, or giving them a wooden spoon to chew on.

When should you start brushing your baby’s teeth?

You can start cleaning your babies teeth as soon as they appear. When they’re this young, you can just wipe a soft cloth with luke-warm water over the surface of their teeth. Once they are 18 months, you can start using a pea-sized amount of fluoride-free toothpaste to gently brush your baby’s teeth.

When do babies start going to the dentist?

The first dental visit is a lot earlier than most people believe it is. In a perfect world, your child should have their first dentist appointment around the age of one. Following that, your child should see the family dentist twice a year, every year.

What should I expect at my child’s first dental appointment?

During your kid’s first dental examination, Dr. Sinchai will examine his or her teeth for any gum decay, check their bite, and look for any potential oral problems. If it’s necessary, Dr. Sinchai or one of his dental hygienists will clean your child’s teeth.

How do I prepare my child for the family dentist?

The dentist can be a scary place for a child! To help them feel prepared, take these steps:

  1. Schedule the dentist appointment in the morning when your child is most awake.
  2. Discuss any concerns with the family dentist beforehand.
  3. If your child is old enough, help them understand what they are going to do and why it is important.
  4. Provide your child’s medical history and let the dentist know of any behavioral patterns they should be aware of.
  5. Practice good oral health habits at home including proper teeth brushing and flossing.

Need a family dentist in Indianapolis?

As a parent, you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to set your child up for a long, healthy life – that includes setting good oral habits!

With Dr. Sinchai’s help, you can feel prepared to tackle any kind of dental issue that may arise. Don’t wait to bring your baby in for a dentist appointment! Schedule yours today by calling (317) 849-3512 or head into our office at 9860 Westpoint Dr. Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46256.